We’ve Merged

The West Madison Senior Center merged with the Madison Senior Coalitions January 1, 2019. The merged organization is NewBridge Madison, Inc. The website is https://newbridgemadison.org/ 

Four Madison Senior Coalitions Announce Name of New Merged Organization

Madison, Wis. (October 29, 2018) — Effective January 1, 2019, four Madison nonprofits committed to serving older adults, North/Eastside Senior Coalition, West Madison Senior Center, South Madison Coalition of the Elderly, and East Madison/Monona Coalition of the Aging, will merge and operate under the new name NewBridge Madison.

The merger will allow the organizations to consolidate resources and no longer compete for funding.  As one entity, all four organizations will continue to offer case management, meal sites, home chore, social opportunities and other services for older adults.

It was announced today the Marcia Hendrickson, current executive director of South Madison Coalition of the Elderly, will serve as the executive director of NewBridge, with the three other directors assuming executive leadership roles in development, marketing communications, advocacy and operations.

“When we come together and share resources, and we connect, not only is it more efficient, but we learn from each other and we all benefit” said Joe Parisi.

A merger of this kind is unique in the nonprofit landscape of Madison. The City of Madison gave $95,000 to support the merger. Mayor Paul Soglin said, “It’s about the efficiencies, or the elimination of duplication of services. It’s about bringing all those minds together, so that we can do better and so that in every one of these critical areas, we will hit the mark of providing  the best services, the best lives, and the very best that we are capable of, and that can only be done with the collaboration from the federal government, and the state government, as well as the city and county government.”


For more information about NewBridge Madison and the merger, contact Katie Gallagher, Marketing and Volunteer Director of the NewBridge at katieg@newbridgemadison.org or (608) 512-0000 Ext. 4001.


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